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Braidwood Preschool Philosophy

Braidwood Preschool is a community based service, established in 1973, by the parents of the local community. We continue to value our history, our connections with the local community, and the past and present contributions of Aboriginal people to the education and care of children. We recognises sense of belonging, being and becoming. As a Preschool community we also acknowledge the traditional custodians of the Braidwood area, the Mankata people of the Djuwin nation.

This philosophy outlines our goals, beliefs and ideas, in providing a quality early childhood service. Our primary aim is to provide a safe, happy environment in which the children can thrive. The foundation of our program and practice is The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia, and our program aims to encourage all areas of the child’s development.

We believe that encouraging the children’s self-confidence and positive self-image is the foundation on which development in all areas, is built. We believe that all staff interactions with the children should be warm and positive.

We believe that each child is unique and special and we aim to convey this belief to each of the children in our care. Staff should value each child’s diversity and treat each child with respect.

We believe that staff should be responsive to each child’s feeling and needs.

We believe that it is very important that staff interact with the children and their interests in a way that will stimulate each child to be a creative thinker, and to also challenge the children to consolidate or extend their skills, attitudes and knowledge. Children should be encouraged to learn new skills and to practise their developing skills in an environment which supports their efforts. 

We believe that play is the fundamental medium for children’s learning and development. Our program and the Early Years Learning Framework, reflect the importance of play. We facilitate play by providing the time, the materials, and the space where children can initiate and develop their ideas. Parents value the role play has in the development of their child’s social skills and social interactions.

We believe that an environment which supports play will provide the opportunity for children to explore and experiment. We value the process of creating, without the emphasis on the end product. We aim to provide a stimulating learning environment, through the combination of intentional teaching and the children’s input, which challenges the children’s skills and stimulates their curiosity and thinking.

We will work with parents to provide a program which supports the aims they have for their child and their child’s learning. We value partnerships with parents. Communication between staff and parents should be open and positive and always encourage an exchange of written and/or verbal information. We will respect the diversity of the families at our centre, and in our society, and aim to provide “an environment that reflects the lives of the children and families using the service and the cultural diversity of the broader community, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities” (National Standards).

Respect and tolerance are two of the important principles which guide all interactions within our Preschool. We believe in building secure, respectful, reciprocal relationships within our community. Through intentional teaching, staff will provide the support and guidance to help children learn how to interact in a thoughtful and respectful manner. The long term aim is that the children will be able to express their needs and feelings in a socially acceptable manner and use problem-solving and negotiation skills for conflict resolution.

Staff will be encouraged to continuously update their skills and knowledge, through ongoing learning and reflective practice. This process will then provide the impetus for quality improvement within the Preschool, and to enhance the program provided for the children.

We hope that this philosophy provides a clear framework for creating a quality service for the children of Braidwood and district.