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What to Bring


For half day session   
- one piece of fruit, snacks for morning tea, a hat, a drink bottle (preferably of water), a set of spare clothes.

For full day session:  Preschool aged children 
- two pieces of fruit or vegetables
(which will be cut up to share for morning and afternoon fruit time) 
- packed lunch (eg sandwich cheese/dried fruit/yoghurt etc 
- a fitted and a flat cot size sheet, if your child has a day sleep or rest
- a wide brimmed hat
- a drink bottle (preferably of  water).

- and a set of spare clothes

For full day session: Younger children

-  packed lunch and snacks
-  two pieces of fruit
-  a drink bottle (preferably water) and bottles of milk as needed
-  if needed, nappies and skin care products
- a fitted and a flat cot sheet
-  change of clothes
- a wide brimmed hat

Children must wear a sun hat and clothes that cover the back and have a sleeve, for outside play. Staff will put sunscreen on the children before outdoor play, if the parents haven't already done so.

Please mark ALL your child's belongings with their NAME.

Please note that Preschool has a healthy food policy, so no cakes, chocolate, lollies, chips etc are permitted. Also, Preschool is a ‘nut aware’ preschool, so please do not send nuts, peanut butter, nutella, etc. Please read the labels of food to make sure it does not have nuts listed in the contents. Please talk to staff if you have any queries.